[POLL:] How should we create an auditory version of Maker Relay (or other updates and educational information)?

I have proposed CDIP:30 as a way to begin a project for speaking as a DAO. There has been a lot of thought and various projects surrounding the process, but my goal is to make this a starting platform for communicating updates from governance, as well as other groups.

Initially, my goal is to create a short auditory version of the Maker Relay, to give people who may not have the time to join the community call, still receive an audio-update for the week. This idea comes from the general issue of time that we all have, as well as the movement of people from visual to auditory forms of news (i.e. podcasting).

I’m hoping to use this poll as a gauge for the general communities’ interest in how useful this idea is, or perhaps the beginning of a new idea that encapsulates more of the community.

Thanks for your participation!

Who am I?:

I am Jerry, I work with comm-dev and gov-comms mostly, helping create and edit content for various sources/projects. I have had a passion and love for music/audio for most of my life and started learning Ableton specifically around 2010 (at the age of about 16). I have since worked on some podcast/audio editing for various friends/clients. I am confident and hopeful that the examples I can create will offer a unique experience and a fantastic idea of some of what the future of this project can look like.


Report with answers to the research questions, and suggestions on:

  • Who should be the audience?
  • How to format the show and possible segments to include.
  • Plan for incorporating contributions, guests, and community-generated content.
  • Branding, including; potential names, descriptions/summaries, ways to decide what the voice should be (figuratively, not the actual person’s voice), optimal cadence

Sample options for audio branding
10 - Sound drops/transitional breaks (4-8 seconds/per)
5 - Music/speaker Intro/Outro sounds (25-45 seconds/per)

One example Podcast episode cut down from one of our previously recorded Community Calls
A rough-cut 10-15min “episode,” based on my top recommended audience and segment idea

  • Yes, Governance Updates & Voter Education would be useful
  • Yes, just Governance Updates would be useful
  • Yes, just Voter Education would be useful
  • No (Other, please comment below)

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