Privacy in Governance and Voting

A month ago, the Community Development team sponsored the Gitcoin Protect Privacy hackathon to explore some concepts around privacy in payments and governance and voting. (REF this original post). TL;DR, we provided a few governance problem statements/ideas and asked for a proof of concept. We were looking for:

  1. User-focused with a clear understanding of users/pain points and easily usable solutions for end-users
  2. Technicality and feasibility of implementation
  3. MakerDAO and ecosystem interoperability

There a few that caught our eye and today, we’re excited to share the submissions from the governance track:

  • :zap:Winner :zap:Private Delegation (Github) (Demo): Privacy-preserving vote delegation in Maker voting where the identity of the delegate is not revealed before the vote actually takes place.

  • :zap:Winner :zap:Tornado Vote (Github): Tornado Vote is a privacy voting solution based on outstanding Tornado Cash that utilizes zkSNARKs.

  • :zap:Winner :zap:Private Voting (Github) (Demo): A web UI for transferring zero-knowledge assets, adapted for private voting.

Other Notable Submissions

  • :metal:t3:Runner Up :metal:t3:ZeroIP: Anonymously broadcast crypto transactions without revealing your IP address.

  • Daisy: DAISY is a simple way to add both anonymity and transparent private voting to MakerDAO using nothing more than a pin.

  • MakerDAO Ballot Generator: Proof of Concept for users to vote without revealing voting addresses and/or the poll option/executive voted for.

  • Tornado Governance: Tornado governance is an iteration of tornado cash and Continuous Approval Voting (CAV). It uses the principle of the tornado cash mixer to mix votes in the CAV style governance system currently used by MakerDAO.

Additionally, below are the submissions and winners of the payments track.

  • :zap:Winner :zap:zkTokens (Github): zkTokens is an uniswap inspired implementation of privacy tokens. The goal is to give any ERC20 token (including currently existing tokens like dai) a full privacy option.

  • :zap:Winner :zap:TrustlessDai (Github) (Demo): TrustlessDai is a wallet-dapp providing private DAI transactions on Ethereum using Zk-SNARKs.

  • Secure-Send-ERC20: A dApp to transfer ERC-20 without exposing the primary sender address.

  • Sunshine: Sunshine is a burner wallet that makes it easy to withdraw money from and send transactions.

  • Privacy Vault: Privacy Vault is a non-custodial Ethereum and ERC20 privacy solution based on zkSNARKs inspired by tornardo cash.

  • Private Payroll: A smart contract for private payroll meaning sending/receiving salaries without revealing the amount in the middle of payments.

Huge thanks to support from @Kurt_Barry, @LongForWisdom, and the Developer Experience team: @adrianleb and Philip!

Feel free to send your congrats and questions to the winners! If you think any are worth exploring further for implementation, comment below. It may be worth exploring a privacy x governance working group.


Thank you to all who participated!