[Proposal] BTC/USD & ETH/BTC Oracles (Set Protocol, dYdX, tBTC)

Under the responsibilities delegated to me by the Oracle Team Mandate, I’m submitting the following three proposals to the MKR Governance community for consideration.

Proposal: ETHBTC Oracle Proposal (tBTC)
Proposal: BTCUSD Oracle Proposal (Set Protocol, dYdX)
Proposal: Whitelist Set Protocol)

Please review and give feedback. I’ll suggest that comments on a specific proposal should be posted in the respective thread in order to compile all the discussion in one place.

Action Items Timeline
4/17 Oracle Team submits proposal to Maker Forum for community review
4/20 Polling Votes begin (ends 4/24)
4/24 Proposals that were ratified by MKR Governance in the Polling Votes are submitted for an Executive Vote