Proposal: Whitelist Set Protocol on ETHUSD Oracle


In September of 2019, the Maker Foundation published a blog post introducing the Oracle V2 architecture that would launch alongside Multi-Collateral Dai, and nominating a series of governance proposals.

These proposals were published in the Maker Forum for review by the MKR Governance community as well as discussed on the Governance Calls on September 5th and September 12th.

MKR Governance subsequently ratified the proposals through a sequence of Polling Votes (1, 2, 3, 4).

As a result of these proposals, MKR Governance gained several new capabilities, among these:

  • Launch Oracles for new assets (even if those assets aren’t collateral types in the Maker Protocol).
  • Regulate who can access the Oracle prices through a whitelist.
  • Setting an Oracle Fee, the proceeds of which go to MKR token holders.

Proposal Summary

The Oracle Team, in accordance with its responsibilities outlined in the Oracle Team Mandate, is proposing appending Set Protocol to the ETHUSD Oracle whitelist.

Oracle Type: ETHUSD

Oracle Address: 0x64DE91F5A373Cd4c28de3600cB34C7C6cE410C85

Customer: Set Protocol


0x97C3e595e8f80169266B5534e4d7A1bB58BB45ab (Set Protocol)

Date of Proposed Inclusion: 2020-04-17

Fee: In accordance with the Responsible Oracle Migration Proposal, fees are waived for the first year and determined by MKR Governance after that.

Technical Deliverables


  • Reviewed Set Protocol contracts and verified Oracle price access is permissioned.
  • Created spell to whitelist Set Protocol contract (WIP).