Protocol Engineering Housekeeping Tasks 6th August 2021

Protocol Engineering Housekeeping Tasks 6th August 2021

As part of this week’s executive (6th August) the Protocol Engineering Core Unit is requesting to include the following housekeeping updates:

Updating the ilk-registry on mainnet and Kovan

  • Currently the ilk-registry lists collateral descriptions as RWA001 and RWA002 which can be confusing to users. With the inclusion of this change, we will be updating these descriptions:

    • From RWA001 to RWA001: 6s Capital
    • From RWA002 to RWA002-A: Centrifuge: New Silver
  • Also for all RWA collateral types, we will be dropping the -A suffix from the ilk’s registry symbol. This is to conform to other ilk symbols, as follows:

    • From RWA001-A to RWA001
    • From RWA002-A to RWA002
    • From RWA003-A to RWA003
    • From RWA004-A to RWA004
    • From RWA005-A to RWA005
    • From RWA006-A to RWA006

Updating the Changelog to include a a new address, specifically:

  • VOTE_DELEGATE_PROXY_FACTORY to support vote delegation

Thank you for this! Very helpful for those outside the DAO

Before this is pushed through, as the trust transaction closing that just occurred makes reference to a verification portal that is relying on the ilk (to which I am not sure if this changes that), I will request that we slightly delay this… to understand how this impacts RWA001-A … Thank you.

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On a personal note, in addition to the operational reason as outlined above, I would like to keep the rwa001-a … as it is my complete intention to submit additional collateral applications to which I would like to then use -B. then -C etc…

I’ll double check with people before we push it.

@mrabino1 we are just changing the placeholder’s token symbol in the ilk registry entry, in order to conform with other token types. For example for ETH-A and ETH-B the ilk registry’s token symbol is WETH. The ilk name, which is also the lookup key for the ilk registry will still be named RWA001-A. This change should not interfere with the above.

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