Protocol Engineering Month in Review: August 2021

Protocol Engineering Month in Review: August 2021

This post summarises the Protocol Engineering Core Unit’s work in August. As can be seen from the below, our work was quite diverse; from institutional vaults, to PSMs, and Layer2 engagements. Please ask any questions you may have.

Executive Spells

  • August 20th Vault Onboarding, 6s Updates, and Reducing Vault Liquidation Ratios
  • August 6th MOMC Proposal, August Core Unit Budgets, Housekeeping

Forum Posts

Smart Contracts

Layer 2


  • Keeper upgrades in the lead-up to the London hardfork (5th August)
  • Working with TechOps in support of a Goerli archive node (migrating away from Kovan)
  • Auction-demo-keeper work to support MATIC-A

External Audits

  • ChainSecurity audit on Optimism Dai Bridge Audit

Hey Derek–just a quick question with regards to competitive strategy–what are the short-term plans–will PE focus/continue on the current on-going maintenance, are there any plans for building the next big product, etc.? As an example, moving toward MCD was a clear goal, wondering if we have something that clear (or smaller subgoals), perhaps the bridges for both Optimism, and Arbi–onboarding StarkNet–are subgoals but trying to get the full picture here. Hopefully that makes sense.

Also, not to pick on the little things–but for some folks that stop-by here–would it be possible to get a simpler explanation to what is being done when you say, changelog updates 1.9.2, 1.9.3, or “Updates to dss-deploy by updating CALC_FAB on the chainlog”–I find myself going to GitHub and I still have to bear down to figure out what exactly is going on haha :slight_smile:

A good example of folks asking for where Maker is headed is this question submitted:
will we be able to generate and pay back DAI on Arbitrum based of our vaults which are still on L1 Ethereum?

Hi @ElProgreso , Good point! For future iterations I will include a bit more human readable text for awareness/description as it will help give a bit of colour to what side tasks are required to support the headline items we work on. Thank you for the feedback!

In this instance:

1.9.2 - Included RWA address updates on Kovan and mainnet, including the input conduit (where broker dealers send DAI) and the output conduit (which has the Draw function ability to send DAI to broker dealer accounts as approved by governance).

1.9.3 - Included adding VoteDelegateFactory into the changelog so it is visible on the page that developers use to reference official MakerDAO smart contracts.

1.9.4 - Added MATIC to the changelog and updated IPFS links as a source of truth.

Regarding Competitive Strategy; In the short term we are immediately focused on the following, as top of mind:

  • DssCharter (audit review and deployment)
  • D3M undergoing team and audit review
  • Arbitrum DAI Gateway (imminent! - this is a big focus point this week)
  • stETH/ETH Curve pool investigation
  • G-UNIV3-DAIUSDC prepping for poll next week

Zooming out a little - L2 is the main development area getting a lot of focus and has significant attention (namely fast withdrawals). As part of this we are working with the Oracles team to determine optimal message passing approaches. Possibly not as flashy, but the team are also looking at automating certain technical aspects of collateral onboarding (we call it creating factories which allow easier deployment of new collateral types including RWAs), we’re also working on cropJoin enhancements to support new reward earning pools. We also have some brainstormed ideas for NFTs, liquidation enhancements and Governance (dssGov) but these are not formally on the roadmap - would be something we’d put in-front of Governance first.


Thank you for the feedback Derek, the community and I really appreciate your response. Looking forward to All this innovation and hope that we can deliver a Gem.