Protocol Engineering Month in Review: July 2021

Protocol Engineering Month in Review: July 2021

With Liquidations2.0 successfully launched, the team has broadened efforts to support Institutional Vaults, DssVest, DssCropJoin, and Layer2 initiatives in parallel with ongoing executive spells, technical assessments and supporting documentation. Overall, this was a productive month despite some development time being lost as a result of the Sushi team pivoting to a new AMM that introduced custom ranges to LP tokens. A summary of the month is as follows:

Executive Spells

Smart Contract Work

Collateral Evaluations



  • Changelog updates to include ILK Registry and new collateral types.
  • Goerli node testing and setup by the team in preparation for Kovan sunsetting

Layer 2 Specific

  • Internal team research into Oracle options on Optimism
  • Ongoing work to implement the Arbitrum Dai Bridge
  • Actively working with StarkWare to create a new independent core unit

Worthy Mention: EthCC
During the 3rd week of July, some members of the Protocol Engineering team travelled to EthCC to meet the Ethereum community. Aside from attending technical workshops such as the Geth Workshop, we had productive meetings with many ecosystem partners, including but not limited to:

  • Lido; to discuss onboarding Staked ETH
  • Witnet; to explore Oracle and Keeper solutions
  • StarkWare; to discuss extending DAI on StarkNet
  • Institutional; learnings with Aave and Uniswap
  • Certora; to talk about formal verification proofs
  • Optimism; to celebrate our recent Dai bridge and talk about future developments
  • Gelato; to discuss GUNI and collateral onboarding

Last but not least, it was productive to meet with Oasis, TokenFlow, Growth and SES Core Units to discuss current and future work. It was also of particular pleasure to meet moneysupply, elpro, schuppi, saint.burban, Mariano.Conti, david.hoffman, swakya and other community members, where stability fees, NTFs, AMMs, collateral, yields, Layer2s were all hot topics of conversation.