Protocol Engineering Month in Review: September 2021

Protocol Engineering Month in Review: September 2021

Summarising Protocol Engineering Core Unit efforts in September for community awareness.

September Executive Spells

  • September 3 Parameter Changes, September Core Unit Budgets, DssVest Streams
  • September 17 Collateral Onboarding and Off boarding, PSM DC-IAM changes
  • September 24 Adjusting Auction Parameters and Testing Layer 2 Components

Forum Posts

Smart Contract Development

  • Added MATIC-A support to the auction demo keeper
  • Created a new Goerli testnet deployment
  • Improving process checklist for deploying spells to Goerli
  • Deployed UNIV3LP Oracle and conducted sqrtX96 precision analysis and fuzz tests (to prevent price manipulation and overflows)
  • Added PAX PSM and increased autoline to 500M to give the debt ceiling space to increase if needed
  • Added GUNIV3DAIUSDC1-A to the ILK registry (an on-chain list of DSS ILK types) and the megapoker (to facilitate oracle poke and drip)
  • Deployed DssVest for DAI and MKR vesting (to support CU initiatives)
  • Lowered Flashmint fee from 0.05% to 0%
  • Deployed new DssExecLib and aligned code across main/testnets
  • Offboarded KNC by lowering the liquidation penalty and increased the liquidation ratio
  • Enhanced tests for existing vaults and onboarding future RWAs
  • Completed migration sequence tests for DssCharter
  • Created standardization enhancements for the UNIV3LP Oracle and improved test coverage
  • DssCharter (institutional vaults) External Audit completed
  • Incorporated Aave team feedback into the Direct Deposit Module (including; base borrow rate addition, improved calculation for determining current reserve debt levels, and comments for readability)
  • Certora Specs for DssVest (to ensure full test coverage) and optimisation scripts (to ensure all functions behave as expected)

Layer 2

  • Launched Arbitrum Dai Bridge
  • Achieved governance message sending from L1 to L2 on Optimism and Arbitrum
  • Optimism Dai Bridge Specs, Arbitrum Dai Bridge Specs (to ensure rules are abided by, error messages are generated when functions revert, and that there is full test coverage for contract functions)
  • Ongoing design and planning with StarkWare team
  • PE Team Members met with Oracle team to design message passing infrastructure - in progress
  • Discussions with Hop Protocol who now support the sending of DAI in minutes

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