PSM contract from ilk

Hey guys!

The tin and tout paramteres for the USDC PSM are available from the contract at

Is there any way on-chain to deduce this contract adr from the PSM-USDC-A ilk?



I am working on an exchange registry that should help.
However, it won’t work that way.

Token -> exchanges -> ilk+tin+tout+price+reserve dai and token.


Unfortunately there is not. What is the use-case you need this lookup for?

Auto-adding new collaterals, including PSM

Oh actually just remembered we did add it in the chainlog:

You can query for “MCD_PSM_USDC_A” in getAddress().

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There is the ilk registry where all ilks are.
I am not sure if that help tho.
It is accessible via chainlog too.

Great! Will this format be consistent with the ilks for future PSMs?

Yes, I’m aware. Already using this :slight_smile:

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Yes we will be using the same format for the other stablecoins.

Perfect! Thank you so much