Purple pill drama/affair


since being part of this community i’ve several times read about split in the community that happened in the past. My understanding is that several long term members left the community because of fundamental disagreement about future of MakerDAO.

Could someone provide information or quick summary what is so called “purple pill” about:

  • the core of the problem/disagreement
  • timeline of this events, how many people left and similar
  • any other relevant info

also post the Purple pill drama Rune almost stopped engaging with community and that’s annoying, because I knew and understood Makerdao because of his replies and his engagement with the community especially in Reddit.

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Ah, internet. You ask question, people send you links :expressionless:

So, my understanding:

  • name: red pill (Rune), blue pill (Nikolai), purple pill (wishful thinking for compromise). Purple pill was never taken.
  • core disagreement: Rune wanted more mainstream approach (business, legalistic etc) , group of developers wanted more decentralized approach
  • disagreements were from the beginning: DappHub vs MakerDAO as two separate organizations,
    with 2 CEOs (Nikolai/Rune)
  • there was a fight around multisig developer fund control in 2018. Rune won and MakerDAO is in control of the funds and a lot of blue pillers left the project
  • there might be legal things still going on, since Foundation people seem not to comment much


  • red pill / blue pill: there is a scene in a movie Matrix (1999)
  • DappHub are developers focused on (core) contract coding, MakerDAO is dealing with bussines side.
  • Andy Milenius was a CTO and wrote a 24page document called “Zandy’s story” where you can a lot of information from “blue piller” perspective. (I did not read the whole document)

Haha lol. Nice summary :slight_smile:

This conversation has been endlessly discussed in the reddit posts linked above, in the media, and in various socials…

To recap: as this represents an internal HR issue and a legal matter, there cannot, and there never will be, additional information provided from the Foundation.

So, outside of the entertainment value of building upon on old conspiracy theories and speculating about past events (in front of the very people who are legally unable to respond), there is literally nothing positive that can be achieved from rehashing the same suppositions, one sided opinions, or old resentments.

If this thread devolves into theories about the motives and activities of people who are unable to speak publicly for themselves, or results in further demands for explanations that we cannot provide, the thread will be locked.

I would consider it a deep personal favor if the thread watchers could focus on the work we have ahead of us instead of speculating about what might have happened in the past.


Very emotional response. I understand what are you saying and certainly looks like conflict was very painful for all parties involved. Nevertheless, i think that it is fair to any new members of the community to be aware of the previous significant events. If you look at my original post, i only inquired into facts, without any favouritism. It’s quite time consuming to analyze a lot of reddit posts, and it’s hard to avoid any speculation. I definitely don’t want this thread to deteriorate into debating which side was right or wrong - i only asked what was the disagreement about.

I will refrain from commenting further.

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These questions are only going to keep coming up as we attract more community members. Your bullet points here are a good start jerne, but I’m not sure they explain the event for someone with no information. Would it be worth creating a more detailed (neutral) summary for anyone with this question in the future? This could include links to the various posts and responses posted by both the Foundation and others at the time.

As Rich said, this is largely in the past as far as the Foundation is concerned. But it is information that I would want access to if I was a new investor considering investing in MKR. Having a more detailed summary in this forum would show that the community and by extension the Foundation are owning the event and the consequences.

I’d want to see:

  • A more detailed summary in a first post including links for further research.
  • A brief message from Rich similar to the one above.
  • The thread tagged as ancient history or somesuch.
  • The thread locked to signal that the Foundation considers the matter closed.

Would this be worthwhile, with the aim of preventing threads like this pop up every few months?


The language that Foundation representatives use when addressing this situation gives you the impression that they have something to hide. Even neutrally mentioning this question is consistently met with a dismissal of the questioner’s motives, and threats to lock/ban/close/delete. It’s as if, not even “taking a side”, but merely expressing a curiosity towards it is already seen as hostile… Is this really how we want to discuss?