Question: Where are the oracle fees sent?

When we white-list oracle we asked for fees.

Where are those fees sent to?
As clearly there are fees collected refer to the Fee section : MIP10c9-SP6: Whitelist Yearn Finance on ETHUSD Oracle

However I haven’t seen any track of those fees anywhere.

I think we need some clarification there.


I don’t think any oracle fees have been collected yet, so there may not be an existing process. I think they were to be fee-free for the first year.

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There is also an underlying issue there, we ask for fees or to pay fees but in maintime we don’t know where these fees need to be collected.


yearn finance - ROMP

Looks to me that some fees have been paid in ROMP somewhere. I know it is probably not true but without process in place and a clear address to pay to. how we will know where the fee has been paid.


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