Rainbow Bridge is Deployed

Rainbow bridge is deployed to Ethereum & NEAR mainnets and is in the nominal operation. Now you can transfer your ERC20 tokens to NEAR and back. At the moment only CLI is available: GitHub - djsatok/bridge-testing. You can find examples of the transactions here (GitHub - djsatok/bridge-testing).

Stay tuned for the community product updates during the next few weeks:

  • Bridge front end release
  • Faucet (the tool for creating NEAR accounts for those who want to move from Ethereum to NEAR)
  • AMM (the tool that will allow you to trade bridged tokens with extremely low commissions)
  • Wonderland (farming tool for the bridged tokens)
  • Fungible tokens support in the NEAR Wallet
    and many more!

P.S. DAI was used for the first ever transfer :slight_smile:


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Thank you Sir!

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Rainbow Bridge is Live check, check it out: