Real-World Finance Core Unit Report - 2021-01

Following the proposal of a Real-World Finance Core Unit, you will find below the reporting for January 2021.


The month was mainly focused on working on the New Silver contracts (those are almost the same for every Centrifuge assets). We are continuing to work on this front but nothing seems to prevent the launch of the New Silver facility. Bigger vaults will require better solutions and we are working on that.

From a technological point of view, we will soon have MIP21 and MIP22 implemented. That will give enough technological tools for real-world assets in the short/medium term without putting too much load on Smart Contract teams.

We have opened a discussion regarding long term loans because we think it is best for some RWA. This will be a key concept for Maker in the future as we saw the proposal of MIP43: Term Lending Module (crypto-loans related). This has plenty of unknown implications regarding liquidity, interest risk and DAI demand tability. More work is needed on this front. The good news is that traditional finance has worked those subjects a lot.

Collateral onboarding

Besides those collaterals, we have a lot of incoming demand and a lot of talks with prospects. It is our understanding that it’s better to have already discussed possible terms before the MIP6 application.

Public work

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