Recognised Delegate Requirements

1. Inform a Governance Facilitator of your intention to become a recognized delegate.

Speak to either @LongForWisdom or @prose11 - best way to get in contact is via the official MakerDAO chat or the official MakerDAO forum. Please don’t use email.

2. Read and sign-up to the Delegates Code of Conduct.

The canonical Code of Conduct is located here. Sign-up can be as fancy or not-fancy as you like. Some options include:

  • Signing a message on-chain.
  • Confirming that you’ve read and agree to it within your delegate platform post.
  • Uploading a copy of the CoC to IPFS along with a statement saying that you’ve signed on to it.

3. Fill in and post a Recognized Delegate Platform using template.

The canonical template is located here. Deviation from the template is acceptable, but you should try to cover everything in the template. Contact details and Conflict of interest disclosures are not optional (except where marked such.)

This is a chance to lay out what you stand for as a delegate within MakerDAO. Make it as clear and unambiguous as possible what you stand for, and why. Try to attract MKR Holders, convince them that they should delegate at least some portion of their MKR to you.

4. Participate in a ‘Meet your delegate’ meeting.

Governance Facilitators can help schedule this and will host and manage recording of the meeting. The meeting recording will be uploaded to the MakerDAO youtube, and can be removed if you wish to cease being a Recognised Delegate.

5. Setup a delegate contract.

This can be done using the official MakerDAO voting UI, using the account page.

Verification Guide: Development & UX - MakerDAO

6. PR to github for integration with the Voting Portal

An example of what is required can be found here. These files should be copied to a new folder such that the folder name matches the delegate contract address.

Recognised Delegates need to replace the and profile.jpg files. should be left as it is in the template, and will be updated by GovAlpha.

Other examples for existing delegates can be found in the delegates folder.

7. Be aware that vote participation and communication will be tracked.

Participation tracking will be automatic and will track votes in polls and executives separately. Abstain votes count as valid votes for the purposes of poll participation.

Failing to vote on an executive is valid and should be done in an emergency situation, or a situation in which the delegate has fundamental disagreement with the contents. However, failing to vote for an executive does count against you as part of the participation tracking. This reflects the issues failing to pass an executive can have in the MakerDAO governance process.

Forum and community participation will also be tracked, specifically related to voting. Recognised Delegates are expected to communicate their reasoning for voting when they vote. This can be in whichever format delegates feel is most appropriate, but must be communicated publicly, and linked to the Governance Facilitators such that stats can be updated.

Updates to the participation metric are manual and will be performed on a weekly basis.