Removing Sai from MCD completely

Now that Single-Collateral Dai is shutdown, there’s a couple of housekeeping items that the Smart Contracts team needs to take care of (that require an executive spell).

Because Sai was used as a restricted collateral in MCD, there are certain contracts that remain that are now useless, but it’s still good practice to de-authorize, and a couple other things like erase the SAI ilk as much as possible.

Just tagging the community in general to figure out whether a polling vote is needed for this or not. Our idea is to incorporate this in the executive vote for Friday June 5, 2020.

The SC team will of course provide access to the code beforehand, as well as an explanation as to what the code will do.

@LongForWisdom I require your wisdom :wink:


I’m not sure a poll is strictly necessary here - what would it be, just a binary option of “Yes, we should keep things as clean and streamlined as possible” or “No, we should be lazy”? :sweat_smile:

This does seem very necessary though and the sooner the better for review and community communication purposes:


Pretty much agree with Andy. A poll doesn’t feel necessary if it’s just housekeeping work for something that was previously decided by governance.

There is always the exec to fall back on. If for some strange reason this became super controversial, MKR Holders could opt to not vote for the executive.

Definitely appreciate the communication though. While a poll isn’t necessary, doing a post breaking down what you’re doing and why would be good, I think.


Good to hear!

We’ll have more details soon then!

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I agree with the sentiment here around simply having the executive determine if MKR holders are for or against the “housekeeping” of the system to remove left over SCD parts. Simple is likely better in this case.


Updating here. I want to get this done on this Friday’s executive if possible.

Looking at the comments, I don’t think it requires a poll, but people want to see the code beforehand.

I’ll provide a link to it soon


And here’s the link

You’ll find the executive spell + the tests

If there are any actions to be added (changing stability fees, etc… they will be merged into that file)


Gracias mi hermano!

So, following the guide to audit executive spells is all well and good here and this seems to pass muster imo. However, how can we be sure that you have done all your housekeeping? :wink:

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hahaha, just the Sai housekeeping :wink:

Quick update for visibility:

This is going to be added to the June 26th Executive Vote.

Didn’t happen,
might happen in upcoming EV.