Request to raise the G-UNI DC to 50M

Request to raise the G-UNI DC to 50M

Following the recent onboarding of G-UNI and the subsequent 10M debt ceiling being reached, Protocol Engineering, Risk and Oracle Core Units would like to propose raising the G-UNI debt ceiling to 50M.

Observation of initial vault interactions gives us confidence to propose increasing the debt ceiling from it’s current 10M level:

The liquidation ratio and stability fee can remain as they are today, and should be considered for adjustment if a subsequent future debt ceiling increase is put forward.

Please voice any concerns or objections you may have to this proposal as GovAlpha will move this forward to an on-chain poll for MKR holders to vote on Monday 11th October.


@LongForWisdom @prose11 if GovAlpha does not deem it necessary for a “Signal Request” poll for this request, than Flip Flop Flap Delegate LLC hereby supports an on-chain poll for MKR holders to vote on Monday October 11, 2021.


Ditto over here as well


Yep, this comes under facilitator powers. The backstory behind this is that we’re deferring to PE, Oracles and Risk with respect to the pace-of-increase given that it’s new adaptor. When they no longer have any remaining concerns, the Maker Open Market Committee will start including changes in monthly proposals.


@Derek Not only would I like to see the debt ceiling raised to DAI 50 million, I would like you to onboard every single realistic pair on this list Sorbet Finance - Automation for Uniswap & Quickswap. GEL is excellent.


I’m in support of this as well. Tiny request, would you mind using the full G-UNI DAI/USDC title in posts like these for clarity about which G-UNI pool it is?


I think so.

Additionally I think maker is finding a perfect niche, the issue of collateral with stablecoins or LP’s as collateral is very good.

When I first read how G-UNI works it blew my mind.

It’s not a vote, but my vote would go to “yes” to raise the ceiling.

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i support this being moved to onchain poll and would support with vote as well.


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