Retiring the Community Call

Retiring the Community Call

Today I am announcing the end of this long-standing call, in anticipation of a replacement series soon to be launched by the Content Production Core Unit in partnership with Growth CU and others.

The MakerDAO Community Call ran nearly every Tuesday for the last three years and has been used to give our community a venue for discussion, news, updates, topic coverage, and exposure to interesting guests and projects.

Community Calls are an important engagement tool in the DAO’s toolbelt. As MakerDAO has matured, we’ve seen a number of new calls pop up;

There is no longer a single generalized community call, instead, community calls have become a natural part of how we function. As we grow, reinventing ourselves and upgrading our offerings to be more tightly scoped and accessible is our duty. The graphic below roughly illustrates the emerging landscape of public calls at MakerDAO.

With the retirement of the community call, there will be space for new and better things.

As for myself, I’ll be using the extra bandwidth to focus on delivering an exceptional Organizational Communications Core Unit in the coming months. I will remain available as a backup host for future calls. It was an honor to operate this call as its main host. Meeting and engaging with the community has proved to be a remarkably rich experience, and has resulted in greater interconnectivity at Maker. It has been absolutely mind-blowing to see the explosion of innovation and tech happening around us. I look forward to continuing building with all of you!



The Community Calls were always very informative and accessible.
They were a great resource!


I was wondering why these disappeared out of the blue. I did enjoy watching the community calls after they happened (I couldn’t be involved because I was actively working when they were going on)

Keep up the good work David.