Risk Core Unit Month in Review: December 2021

This post summarises the tasks, work, and activities of the @Risk-Core-Unit for the first two weeks of December. The rest of December was less eventful due to the holidays and the downtime across both MakerDAO and Risk Core Unit. Our primary focus is outlined below.

The community has signalled interest in a Compound D3M implementation. We are currently investigating the risks associated with such an implementation. A Compound D3M Risk Assessment will be published in January 2022.

More attention and consideration has been given to other relevant topics, such as: (i) our new initiative on DAI supply growth and risk metrics and (ii) reviewing and discussing Curve Pool related collaterals. These discussions can be found below, under “Analyses”.

One Signal Request focusing on adjusting the dust parameter for LP token vaults was posted to the forum. The poll will run until January 6, 2022. If a majority of forum voters, excluding abstain votes, are in favor of changing the proposed dust parameters, the vote will move forward to an on-chain poll the following week.

Two proposals have been posted this month: (i) a wstETH Parameter Adjustment Proposal and (ii) a MATIC Debt Increase Proposal. Both proposals were part of the Executive that passed on December 11, 2021.

Several updates and improvements to the MakerDAO Risk Dashboard were undertaken, such as: (i) Risk Model improvements, (ii) implementing a Compound Monitor, and (iii) creating a Vault Details page. More information about these updates are set out below.

This is the fifth monthly summary published by the Risk Core Unit. To read last month’s summary, click here. We will continue to update the community on a monthly basis going forward. We value any questions, specific requests, or suggestions regarding these updates. Please add any comments below or get in touch directly with members of the @Risk-Core-Unit.


Signal Requests


Community Engagements on the Maker Forum

Maker Dashboard

Pending Work

  • ALM Framework
  • Compound D3M Risk Assessment
  • Add more DeFi protocols and rates to the DeFi section of the Maker Risk Dashboard
  • Research on D3M alternatives

To read more about previous work and engagement from the Risk Core Unit, please visit our forum archive, where we document all relevant topics and discussions that the Risk Core Unit participates in on the Maker Governance Forum.