Rune returns on Bloomberg Markets to finish what he started (link)

Hi guys, remember the guest appearance of @rune at Bloomberg last week that ended suddenly and somehow controversial?

Well, silver hats aside (although it was positive in getting attention for the project) Rune got on again on August 10th.
Since I haven’t found this info on forum, I thought you will enjoy this:

Rune’s part begins at timestamp 8:27: (accept cookies to watch,
shield off on Brave) Really well done, Rune! :raised_hands:

Here is the earlier appearance timestamp at 7:37.

… the “pull the plug” meme stuck with Bloomberg crew :sweat_smile:


:eyes: The odd lots podcast with Joe is quite good. Might be worthwhile to see if we can get Rune on there with any/some of the RWA teams.


Ha! I was thinking the same thing–we should tweet @tracyalloway and @thestalwart ask for the guest appearance/episode.