RWA Business Continuity

RWF Team: @Real-World-Finance
Community & comittees: @Growth-Core-Unit @collateral-core-unit @Recognized-Delegates @GovAlpha-Core-Unit @gov-comms-core-unit @Growth-Core-Unit

The Real World Finance team and the RWA Committee remain fully committed to our mission of assessing and onboarding high-quality real world assets to the Maker protocol. DAO proposals regarding personnel are a normal course of business and such changes will not impact our day-to-day operations or relations with stakeholders.

Should you have any questions or concerns, engage the @Real-World-Finance team.


I’m a bit confused what the context of this thread is. Is @SebVentures officially stepping down or has the schedule for the vote been accelerated? Are there any news on the possible transition that I missed?

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No change to voting schedule. Simply a reassurance message that the team behind RWF rests committed to its rwa work pipeline.