RWA001-A Circuit Test Report

Sequence of Circuit Test.

Until read-only access is received by RWA Company (and others), this report is limited in scope purely to the events that were witnessed with empirical data. Once read-only access is received by third-parties (and such access has already been requested), a more neutral report can be generated for historical and on-going activities, i.e. the messages exchanged with WSFS can be replaced by information straight out of its system.

  1. WSFS Escrow noticed of ~50k USD inbound
  2. Pick () -
    a. Selecting the BD address from (6s - Broker/Dealer - DAI Address)
  3. Draw () - 0x2fd3b2a72bb99176f34c892dbe5b630db15edef0835eb98049c69def5a60384d
    a. 50,000 DAI
  4. B/D Informed of imminent inbound 50k DAI arriving to the address (6s - Broker/Dealer - DAI Address)
  5. Push () - 0xb99b81fcc9d2b276649688aad0c6e9a8c89cbe79a450594545570f5f4d97d721
    a. This was completed by an unknown MKR holder
  6. B/D swapped DAI for USD
  7. Wire sent from Genesis to Escrow same day
  8. Escrow confirmed receipt and subsequent sent funds to the Trust
    “Good afternoon, We confirm receipt of $50,045. We will remit to the trust account within the day.”
    Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2021 10:04:54 -0700 (PDT)
  9. Trustee then confirmed receipt of funds.
    “funds in an amount of 50,045.00 were received into the Trust Account on 9/17/2021”
    Date: Mon, Sep 20, 2021 at 4:25 PM

Sending funds back.

  1. Trustee instructed to send 30k back and keep 20k in the account
    Date: Sept 20 2021
  2. Sept 21 2021 - Matt inquires as to status to see if funds were transferred on Sept 20 2021.
  3. Sept 21 2021 - WSFS replies.
    “per the Trust Agreement, direction is to be provided 2 Business Days in advance of the requested Payment occurring. Therefore, we planned to complete the transfer tomorrow, 9/22.”
  4. Sept 22 2021 - WSFS writes
    “Good morning, the transfer in an amount of $30,000 from the trust account to the escrow account is complete.”
  5. Sept 22 2021 - WSFS confirms wiring instructions with Genesis to ensure they are correct with a call to their ops team. (Note: these are and were the same instructions as previously seen by community members)
  6. Two hours later from WSFS, “Hello! We are good to go. Wire is going through the approval process and will be remitted shortly.”
  7. B/D Informed of imminent inbound ~30k USD wire
  8. WSFS provided fedwire tracking information
    Fed/CHIPS/SWIFT Reference Number:
  9. B/D swapped USD for DAI
  10. 29,970 DAI arrives to the RWA001-A in input conduit (
  11. 29,970 DAI push() (
  12. 29,970 DAI wipe() (