Sai stuck at Coinbase... now what?

I got my 1 Sai out of to my iOS Coinbase Wallet, then transferred to Coinbase. Now I realize what a mistake that was. Because I can’t convert to Dai at Coinbase and I will lose Sai by trying to send back to Coinbase Wallet.

My question is, when will the Sai shutdown likely occur and what will be the outcome of my Sai? Coinbase seems to say (in their blog) they’ll automatically convert my Sai to Dai at that time, but elsewhere seems to say that it will be converted to ETH. I guess either way is fine, but I’d like to know about when that shutdown event will actually happen. Since MakerDao is/are the one(s) who actually DO the shutdown, I figure here is the best place to ask. :smiley:


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