Sai to Eth conversion fail with no error


I want to convert Sai to Eth.
Tried using
It filled all forms and all went fine, no error appear. But nothing happened!
My Sai was not replaced with Eth.
I can see the transaction on etherscan and the status of the transaction is susses.

Then I tried swapping using Uniswap v1, and have the same pinomina. Noting transfer and have new susses transaction.

I can share in private the transactions IDs if needed.

Please help


I’m having the same issue.

Hello, please go through the steps here Migration Portal: Redemption after SCD Shutdown (May 12th 2020)

Also, to clarify, are you using Metamask? Or are you using other wallets?


Yes I’m using Metamask.

Regarding the steps in the article, I did this part “Migration Portal Walk-through: Redeeming Sai”. In the migration portal it looked OK. But as I wrote:

My Sai was not replaced with Eth.
I can see the transaction on etherscan and the status of the transaction is susses.

Did’t do the 2nd part “Migration Portal Walk-Through: Redeeming a CDP”, because I have no CDP

Thank you

Hi @goral , the instructions above should work - one idea…visit to see if you have any SAI, WETH or PETH balances.
If no balances appear in the respective sections, feel free to send me the tx details and I’ll take a look for you, you’ll also find me on the Maker Rocket Chat: derek.flossman :+1:

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Form I see that have only SAI balance, as expected.

The problem was solve. Maybe because I add more ETH to my balance before retrying.
Its work through the site.

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Hi @Derek Derek, I didn’t see your reply. Here is the transaction TX:

I did it a second time as well and here is that TX details:

Thanks for all the help. I missed all the changes.

Hi @Mark_caffoor your above transactions are both approval tx’s (which only approve the SAI for trade), so, once this transaction is completed, there should be another transaction that sends the ETH into your wallet.
Either the UI did not correctly prompt you for this second transaction or perhaps mighten you have closed the UI too soon before the second transaction took place?

Hi, @Derek Thanks for getting back so quickly. Do you advise I try it again. I’m a bit worried to keep doing it as it keeps costing me each time.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Mark_caffoor hmm let me do some testing first to see what is going on as gas prices are a bit high right now.

As per this forum post explaining redemption, it should have worked in one transaction, so let me check what is going on (because your above tx was successful).

Just confirming, You never saw the redemption complete screen? and on the landing page of, is there an amount shown where it says “Sai available for CDP migration: xx.xx SAI”?


No, I left it overnight but nothing came up.

yes, the amount is still there.

Thanks again.

Hi @Mark_caffoor I spoke with one of our developers, and I also just realised that the transactions you shared were from September, so yes, if you go through the migration process again you should be good, make sure you unlock SAI - but as before be aware that the gas prices right now are again pretty high, so depending on the amount you’re redeeming you may want to time your withdrawal when gas is lower.

Hi @Derek. Thanks for all your help I will give it another go.
Hopefully will have no issues this time.
Take care

Update: It went through no issues.

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Awesome, great to hear!