SCD-MCD Migration Feedback

Given that the Maker SCD to MCD migration is a pretty big topic and lots of people have been coming around to relay problems with the migration I thought perhaps we should have something up where people can focus their migration issues.

I also wondered if it would be a good idea to poll people regarding their migration experience. I assume all people participating in this have opened at least one CDP.

Here is a example questionnaire.

  1. Were you able to migrate your CDP successfully Y/N?
  2. If you migrated successfully how would you rate your experience in a 1-10 (10 easy, great fast, intuitive stress free, 5 I did it, but consumed a bit more time somewhat stressful, 1 horrible, took way too much time, not intuitive, stressful).
  3. If you have not migrated please check off the reasons.
    a) lack of SAI liquidity y/n
    b) technical issues with wallet, website, browser, etc. y/n
    c) can’t pay the fees currently y/n
    d) other (please list)
  4. Did the migration cause you concern or stress y/n
  5. Would you recommend to someone else to use Maker y/n
  6. If you answered no to 5) did the migration experience cause you use other decentralized services?
  7. Do you still plan on owning or holding DAI? y/n

This is just an idea. Feel free to comment or elaborate.

I could not find a category for this (user feed back) so left it empty.