Scholarship Partnership Proposal

Dear Community,

Some of you may know me already as the CEO of New Silver, but I am also a passionate proponent of making education more accessible and affordable, with a particular focus on helping young women. I believe higher education is key to equality, world prosperity, and importantly, world peace. One of our initiatives in 2021 has been a Fintech Scholarship fund, which was established in order to help college students pay for their tuition, and educate them about the endless possibilities of Fintech. It was a successful undertaking, with had >100 applicants, were listed as a scholarship by a number of high-profile organizations, and had 3 winners, who were extremely happy :slight_smile:

In 2022, we would love to expand on this success and offer a scholarship to students around the world, and focus more specifically on DeFi/Web3 and how this could help women (and men) build a better life after they graduate.

I am not sure if Maker is interested in anything like this, but if so, I would love your feedback. Together, we could look to expanding the amount we give away, expanding the marketing to potentially reach a more diverse, global audience. We can also rebrand the offering to reflect our partnership and the mission, etc. New Silver could undertake the marketing and administration of this fund.

Happy to hear thoughts. Thank you for reading.


Good initiative but I understand it will only be available in the USA, according to the description:

“but applicants must be a US citizen or permanent resident (including DACA students)”

Definitely a good place to start. If the model works, Maker should extend it to other countries where the conditions are right.

Yes, the scholarship in 2021 was for US only, but we would love to broaden it to other areas of the world. Thanks for the feedback!

What other areas are you thinking about and what criteria do you use to select them?

Completely open to discussion here, but I would think about where we can make the most impact, so naturally, the developing world comes to mind, but totally open to exploring together.

Ok, just some thoughts:

  • I’m sure you have your reasons, but the scholarship rate seems to me to be unbalanced:

1st Prize: $2,000
2nd Prize: $500
3rd Prize: $500

Why do the 2nd and 3rd prize winners get the same amount, while the first prize winner gets 4 times as much?

  • In developing countries, small amounts (a few hundred USD) can be a big help and therefore attractive, while in countries with a high standard of living, it is almost nothing. By weighting the amount of the scholarship you can award by region, you can distribute the amount available more efficiently. So that you can give financial aid to more beneficiaries.
    (Although - as far as I know - Maker does not have a region weighting for salaries, I think that weighting by region’s standard of living is a legitimate and not a flawed idea.)

  • Those who complete their studies with excellent results may get some kind of job opportunity at Maker, if that is possible.

  • Fiscal, regulatory, technological environments in some countries may make this type of support impossible.

I’m sure there are many issues to be considered for such a project, but this is not my area of expertise.

As much as it is a nice initiative, I feel like it’s outside the scope of DAO for now. And I am not sure what core unit will be responsible for it

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Can’t an executive just send Dai to an address? There is very little risk, it’s a nice thing to do and it would reflect well on Maker.

If there is a community desire to do this, we are happy to help administer the distribution and everything else. But if it’s not possible, we can keep it on the back burner for later on.