Sent dai to contract addy not recipient

I know, I know im dummy, and not a noobie, i simply sent dai to contract addy and not my coinbase account
Ii copied the coinbase address to send my dai to, but then noticed i didnt have DAI toekn in my list of tokens in metamask, so i had to go add DAI to the list of tokens using the contract address, now i have copied the contract address and sadly, forgot to go back and re-copy the cb addy

  • is there a possibility of getting my dai sent back to me some how or something >??> I believe if contracts have the like some certain function it can be done, but idk bc of dai being so decentralized…idk if this can even be done- i know the short answer is no, but i am looking for someone with a long more favorable answer if that is even possible? pls thx

  • if not, perhaps i can claim as loss on next years taxes?

1.Similar to this incident, unfortunately it’s not possible. Returning ERC20 tokens accidentally sent to the DAI contract

  1. In terms of tax, I am not an expert, but I guess it falls under “Casualty Loss - (ex. Lost Wallet Access, Sent to Wrong Address)”?