SES Updates - 25.11.2021

Incubator News

  • Immunefi Security Core Unit and Sidestream Core Unit proposals have passed and join MakerDAO as its newest two Core Units!
  • Maker Talent Core Unit and Tech Ops Core Unit are targeting publishing their MIP by 8.12.

SES Weekly Status Update Spotlight: Scholarship Grant Update

Colby Anderson, will present a project update on his scholarship grant focused on governance and range polling.

Add the SES Status Update Call to your calendar: 2021-11-26T15:30:00Z

Grants Spotlight

  • Project Real-World Sandbox: @luca_pro has presented his findings from his 5 week research grant. His full report (currently in status: Draft for Comments) can be found here. A recording of his presentation to the community on Maker Explorer can be found here.
  • Colby Anderson @colby is an SES scholarship grant recipient whose work focused on governance and range polling. An update on this work is ready, and will be presented to the community Friday 26.11. Join us for the SES Weekly Update to watch Colby present his latest update.

With the Community

:earth_americas: Announcing Maker Explorer!

:clapper: Recording Live!

:rocket: 15.12 CULPS: TechOps

Watch for the forum post coming soon!

:man_judge: 15.12 LexMaker: Dao Cooperative

Watch for the forum post coming soon!