Set of Oracle proposals included in July 3rd Executive Vote

The Oracle Team will include the following Oracle proposals that have passed their respective Polling Votes in the Executive Vote scheduled for July 3rd.

These proposals are:
MIP10c9-SP1 Proposal: Whitelist DeFi Saver on ETHUSD Oracle
MIP10c9-SP2 Proposal: Whitelist DeFi Saver on BATUSD Oracle
MIP10c9-SP3 Proposal: Whitelist DeFi Saver on WBTCUSD Oracle
MIP10c9-SP4 Proposal: Whitelist MCDEX on ETH/USD Oracle
MIP10c14-SP1 Appoint Kyber Network as Light Feed
MIP10c14-SP2 Proposal: Appoint Infura as Light Feed
MIP10c14-SP3 Proposal: Appoint Etherscan as Light Feed
MIP10c14-SP4 Proposal: Appoint Gitcoin as a Light Feed