Sienta's Newsletter: No. 2 – Weekly updates on real-world assets in DeFi

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Sienta’s Newsletter

Sunday 30 May, 2021
Weekly updates on real-world assets in DeFi


TVL: $18.7m (3% WoW)
Projects: 9

TVL: $1.9m (46% WoW)
Projects: 1


TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington sells apartment in Kiev through an NFT

Michael Arrington purchased the apartment in 2017 in the first residential real estate smart contract recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain. He’s now selling the property in the world’s first auction with a real estate-backed NFT. Bidding for the NFT starts on June 8 with a starting price of $20,000. Link

US farmland is coming to DeFi

Peoples Company, a land brokerage firm, is continuing on its path to onboard US farmland into DeFi. The Maker risk team has suggested a 5-year facility at 2%, which Peoples Company will use to finance purchases of actual land. Pretty cool. Link

All Tinlake projects planned to onboard to Maker in June pass engineering review

Peoples Company (US farmland), Fortunafi (revenue based financing), Harbor Trade Credit (supply chain financing) and ConsoleFreight all passed engineering review and are therefore still expected to be onboarded onto Maker in June. Link

Oversubscribed $20m Centrifuge token sale

Despite a significantly tougher crypto market than just a few weeks ago, Centrifuge’s token sale was significantly oversubscribed – not unlikely related to the 100% month-on-month growth seen in Tinlake and the strong pipeline for the upcoming months. Link

Centrifuge to launch canary network Altair on Kusama

Altair – Centrifuge’s Kusama Parachain – will make it possible to tokenize real-world assets and finance them on the Kusama Network. Altair spans across Kusama, Polkadot and Etherium and will increase interoperability between the ecosystems. Join the Centrifuge AMA 16 June to learn more! Link

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