[Signal Request] Adjust the BAT Debt Ceiling

BAT recently became fully utilized and no more DAI can be minted from BAT with the current debt ceiling of 5 million DAI. We may want to increase the BAT debt ceiling, as it is becoming one of our higher demand collateral types.

That said, BAT has been deemed higher risk by the community than ETH, so there is probably some maximum percent of the debt ceiling we want BAT to reach. Personally, I feel we are a ways away from this maximum, although others may disagree.


  • More DAI can be generated from BAT, helping the peg


  • We have more BAT locked in the protocol, and have to accept any risks that come with that

Increasing the BAT Debt Ceiling

  • 5 million (current value)
  • 7.5 million
  • 10 million
  • 12.5 million
  • 15 million
  • Abstain

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Polls will run for 2 weeks from Sep 1 to Sep 15. Please leave any thoughts or comments below!


BAT does not carry as great of a risk as some of the other asset types and is in high demand. The ceiling definitely needs to raise.


Bumping, and reminding people we have a few days left on this poll. Prices have pulled back some since this signal request began and BAT is no long at the debt ceiling. I still think at least a moderate raise is in order, but people may want to reconsider their votes since the situation has changed.


I have closed the poll. Raising the BAT DC to 10 million won. I will submit a PR for the poll language by EOD tomorrow and the poll should be submitted on chain for Monday.


The onchain poll passed 20,327 mkr for yes to 0 mkr for no, followed by an executive vote which was activated on September 28.

the BAT debt ceiling has been raised to 10 million dai. Thank you all for participating :slightly_smiling_face:


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