Signal Request: Parameters for SCD Shutdown - Date vs Supply

This post is a continuation of my previous signal request here:

I have now concluded that poll and come to the conclusion that the voting is quite split. Due to this turn of events I can gleam the following information:

  1. The options of date and supply as shutdown parameters need to be ratified in a single poll to ensure voters want one or both options.

  2. The peg stability % (while not receiving as many votes as the other 2) is an important facet of the shutdown decision making and should receive its own poll to determine what an acceptable drift from $1 is acceptable before triggering global shutdown. Therefore I will create a separate poll specifically for this parameter.

Therefore, in this forum post I will include a poll to clarify the results of the first 2 options as follows:

Question - Which of these options would you prefer in determining when SCD Shutdown is triggered

  • Only on specific date - eg. 6 months from governance poll
  • Only once specific supply has been reached - eg. Sai supply reaches 5 Million
  • Both date and supply
  • No Opinion / Show Results

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This poll will stay open for 7 days until December 24th when it will be closed and next steps will be taken to clarify the parameters even more.

I have now posted a new signal request for the aforementioned peg stability threshold. Please have a say here:

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I’d just like to clarify my vote somewhat. When I voted ‘both date and supply’ I took that to mean that either

  • We reach a predetermined date.
  • Or we reach a predetermined supply.

So an or relationship rather than an and relationship.

Regarding specific dates, I don’t have any firm convictions, but I’d suggest that a year is too long, and a month is too short. Perhaps in 3 or 6 months time?

Regarding specific supply, I have no idea what sort of supply would make the most sense. I’d like to hear from @cyrus as to what sort of risks we start having as the supply falls. Feels like a lack of liquidity is the big risk? Have we any idea at what supply value the liquidity will start to become dangerously low?


Thank you for clarifying. That is definitely what I mean when I say to include date and supply as both thresholds.

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Now that the poll has been open for 2 weeks I think now is a good time to close it. Consensus seems to be solid enough to move on to the next stage. Because the parameter of Date and Supply won, I will now be creating 2 more posts to further granularize and pinpoint the preferred shutdown parameters/thresholds. I encourage you to participate in those polls once created.

These polls can be found here: