Signal Request: Parameters for SCD Shutdown - Supply

Now that the previous poll has closed here:

We can further clarify the final Shutdown Parameters. Specifically Shutdown Supply in this post.

In the following section I will post a poll that includes options for Sai supply left to trigger SCD Shutdown. Please note that I think it’s in our best interest to not get too granular in our options so the options won’t be all encompassing but should give enough room for fair choice. Please choose the option that is closest to your viewpoint. If you don’t like any of the options or have any other objections or comments please let me know below and if there are enough objections we can modify the options or at least have a discussion.

Please make sure to also vote in the corresponding poll for the Date trigger here:

At what SCD supply amount should we trigger SCD Shutdown?

  • Once supply reaches 30 Million Sai
  • Once supply reaches 20 Million Sai
  • Once supply reaches 10 Million Sai
  • Once supply reaches 5 Million Sai
  • Once supply reaches between 0-5 Million Sai
  • Other / Abstain / Comment

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If you would have wanted to vote for 15 million for example, please choose the option (either 20M or 10M in this example) that you would be most comfortable with.

I will keep the poll up for at least 7 days and reassess next week. Hopefully we can come to some sort of consensus and move forward to compiling all of the thresholds/parameters into one proposal.

Looking for a few more votes before closing the poll. Hoping to solidify a winner by end of week.

This poll is now closed and 10 Million Sai has won with 41% of the vote. A summary of this result as well as all other SCD Shutdown parameters can be found here:

Thanks for participating.

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