[Signal Request] Should we trial Delegate Compensation as described in MIP61 over 3 months?

As I shared previously on one of the other delegate compensation threads, I think the best path forward with Recognised Delegate compensation is to run a 3 month trial period according to the system proposed by @psychonaut in MIP61.


  • It gets compensation into the hands of Recognised Delegates sooner than waiting for the monthly governance process.
  • It allows us to adjust the system over the three months as necessary to attract and compensate delegates.
  • If it fails in a corruptive way (attracting low-quality delegates solely interested in compensation,) we can allow it to lapse after 3 months.


  • Blurs the line between governance processes.
  • Doesn’t give Recognised Delegates much stability with respect to future compensation.
Should we trial Recognised Delegate compensation as described in MIP61 over the next 3 months?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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Assuming this signal request and subsequent on-chain poll pass, compensation will cover November - February.

Next Steps
This signal poll will end on 2021-10-21T00:00:00Z, at which point if there are more ‘Yes’ votes than ‘No’ votes, it will move to an on-chain poll.


Suppose this signal request and on-chain poll are affirmed. Does MIP61 need to wait until Jan 2022 to enter the governance cycle?

On the other hand, if this signal request fails then

  • MIP61 will enter the governance cycle Nov 2021?
  • Payments would start one month later (December), but continue indefinitely?

I don’t think it’s a big deal either way. I’m just trying to clarify possible futures.

It should follow the normal rules for MIPs. Though I would recommend not submitting it during the trial. If need be we can extend the trial if people are happy while we wait for the MIP to go through the process.

Can I get an idea why people are abstaining on this issue? @Katie @alexis @jernejml @miha @Frank_Brinkkemper could any of you share how you’re thinking about this?

Hey hey, just wanted to see the result. Curiousity …


I am abstaining, since i am not very active lately and don’t know much about the issue.
Wanted to see the result also.