[Signal Request] USDC-A Stability Fee and Debt Ceiling adjustments

Hey all, based on today’s governance call, we are putting up a signal request for potential adjustments to the USDC-A parameters in anticipation of any market impact due to the upcoming COMP distribution change.

This forum poll will be up for 24 hours and then will be bundled inside tomorrow’s executive vote (along with the W-BTC debt ceiling and base rate changes)

Which of the following do you support as policy actions for governance?

  • No changes
  • Increase Risk Premium, No Change to Debt Ceiling
  • Increase Debt Ceiling, No Change to Risk Premium
  • Increase both Risk Premium and Debt Ceiling

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What should the Risk Premium be for USDC-A?

  • No change
  • 2%
  • 4%
  • 6%
  • 8%
  • 10%

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What should the Debt Ceiling be for USDC-A?

  • No change
  • 30 million
  • 40 million
  • 50 million
  • 60 million
  • 70 million

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One thing to note, Show who voted is disabled? Fixed


So I was testing it and now can’t remove my vote. Please disregard my vote on the debt ceiling poll.

To just add some context as to the possible governance paths here.

  • This is an emergency governance action that is taking place outside of the usual governance processes.
  • Due to the limited time for action, this will not have an on-chain governance poll.
  • If nothing catastrophic happens before Friday’s executive. Any changes coming out of this poll will be included in the regular executive on Friday.
  • If something catastrophic happens before Friday, the current state of this poll may be used to inform the contents of emergency executives before Friday.

If you’re polling above 50M DC you might want to do some soul searching imo.

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I’m voting for the most extreme parameters because we will sooner reach the point where we see that the problem must be solved in a different way.