Signaling Guidelines

The Meta-Governance thread has been around for a month, I’ve decided to try to collate some of the views there into a set of guidelines. While I’d like for these to become canonical, they are obviously open for debate from now until the end of time.

Signaling Guidelines

If you want to get the communities opinion on something related to current affairs or the future of the DAO, or if you have a proposal you would like to see implemented these are the suggested guidelines for doing so.

1. Use the signaling tag
Using the same tag across the forum makes it easy to find all the signaling topics, it helps keep everything organised, it helps the community see if there are things to signal on, etc etc. This is virtually costless to do, please do it.

2. Give the topic a title in the form of a neutral question
Giving the topic an appropriate title makes it easy to see what the signal is about. Neutral framing is to ensure that you do not prejudice other community members into voting a particular way. This is vitally important no matter how strongly the author feels about the topic.

3. The topic should seek to gather signals for only a single issue. If you want multiple signals, make multiple topics.
This keeps the topic from becoming a confused mess of different conversations. This is not to say that there must be only one poll, only that all the polls should seek signals on the same issue.

4. A summary of the essential information and progression of the discussion should be included in the original post and kept up to date by the original poster.
This can include advantages or disadvantages to proposal options, disagreements and the reasons behind them as surfaced in the thread. The idea here is that in order to signal, the community should not need to read through the entire discussion. Onus is on the OP to keep this summary balanced and succinct.

5. The aim of a signaling post is to create consensus.
If you are trying to gather consensus around a specific proposal, be aware that you may need to change it in response to the community’s feedback. The aim is consensus rather than majority-rule, this means that if there is irreconcilable disagreement, the proposal changes so that consensus can grow.

6. Proposal Changes, Poll stays the same.
Polls cannot be changed after creation therefore unless context demands otherwise polls should be created as single-choice with the following options: Agree, Disagree and Undecided. Note: Use your common sense here, this is the default and not necessarily always the best option.

7. Results should be visible after a vote has been cast. ‘Show who voted’ should be enabled.
People are susceptible to voting with the majority. Conformity bias is a real thing, hiding the results until after someone votes gives an extra incentive for voters to think for themselves. Showing who voted for what allows dissenting signals to be prodded to provide evidence-based reasons for their disagreement.

8. Polls should remain open until the poll moves on-chain.
In most cases there is no reason to set an end date on a poll, if appropriate close it manually once it moves on-chain. If it’s a ‘soft signal’ that will never move on-chain, either leave it open, or close it if it becomes irrelevant.

  • Signed and agreed.
  • I disagree with one or more guidelines and will comment below.
  • I am undecided about these guidelines for reasons which I will detail below.

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This looks great, thanks for the clean up. The small font is pretty hard to read on a desktop though.

The Foundation needs time to set up the backend for a formal poll and we should allow a buffer between the end of the signal and our ability to promote them externally in the blog, chat, socials, calls. In the near future I can envision a need for additional time so people to do some public ‘campaigning’ for issues they feel strongly about.

We also need the additional time to deal with deadlocks and establish that consensus has been reached. There could be last minute voters that tip the scales or attempt to sybil the forums just prior to moving it to the portal.

For the asset priority signalling poll here I set it to end a week before we are scheduled to put it live.

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Upped the font size, I was trying to keep it compact, but I was also concerned about the readability.

I’ll think a bit on the keeping open thing. What do others think about this?

Why would you need to ‘promote’ signals externally? You should only promote forum - people interested in governance will read it, others will ignore it.

Is there a way to change your vote? I can’t seem to figure it out if there is.

If you hit ‘Hide Results’ it should take you back to the voting dialogue, at that point you can choose another option. This works for me, but possibly there is a difference for the creator of the poll?

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This worked. Awesome. I don’t know how I managed to not realize it was that simple haha

Use the signalling tag called ‘signaling’ :slight_smile:

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Ugh, thanks for this. I’m trying to stick to American English, but I miss things a bunch.

Yes, but did we reach a consensus about using American English? :smiley: