Slow automatic debt ceiling increases

Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of cases where debt for popular vault types reaches their temporary ceilings. In some of these cases new debt is stopped from being issued even though DC-IAM is active and ttl cooldown since last ceiling increase/decrease has passed like in the image below.

My concern is that these avoidable pauses in DAI issuance is pushing potential users to other similar services like Aave or Compound. A lot of the time issuance seems to spike suddenly right up to or just below the current ceiling, so I feel like timely responses would help growth.

It’s my understanding that there is a bot running to trigger these debt ceiling increases, though at this time it only runs once a day. I’ve also triggered a few of these increases myself, like just after the above screenshot, but I don’t think relying on observant users is a good strategy.

Does anyone else feel like this is a problem, and if so, what can we do to mitigate it?

Some suggestions:

  • Have the bot run more frequently (3 times a day now and 4 times a day when/if ttl is reduced)
  • Have the bot actively monitor ttl for the different vault types and trigger once a possible adjustment opens up. Maybe consider how much gap has been eaten up since last increase and only trigger if say 30% or less remains.
  • Have some sort of manual trigger in Oasis. Not a fan of this kind of solution since it increases complexity for users. Will also only help users using that specific UI.
  • Have the Vat itself (or whatever appropriate contract) trigger the debt ceiling adjustment when DAI is minted. This will probably be way more expensive than my other suggestions and will also increase gas cost for DAI minting.



I wondered if there was a way to trigger these via other actions but expect adding this complexity to another contract (like the borrow) would just increase gas costs for everyone (not a good way to go about this)

I don’t remember if there was discussion on this but if there is something that the system needs done periodically to maintain the system there should be a reward attached that compensates the behavior to make it profitable. If there is a profitable reward I guarantee one or more would perform that function.

I also don’t know how possible this is, but why not tie these to oracle changes?

Sounds like the best way to deal with this is to have the bot run more often.

Atm debt ceiling adjustment has not been triggered on ETH-A for four days and WBTC-A for three days. We should fix this.


ETH just passed 4k and BTC is at an ATH of 66k. Seems logical to expect incrase in demand from these prices. Debt ceilings still has not been adjusted, however.

Being on top of the temp DCs seems like real low-hanging fuit in terms of maintaining UX and facilitating growth. Am I missing something?