Source for getting collateral and dept balance

Please let us know if there is a source to get collateral and dept for a particular User, I couldn’t not find any smart contract or Subgraph pls help us out, thanks in advance)

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If you have a specific vault or wallet in mind, you can manually find it here, I suspect


thank you:), but im expecting an stable api or smart contract get data in frontend of our website

Hi @Sathya_Krishna, we’ll be releasing our new API next week, it should have what you are looking for. I’ll ping in this post to let you know once we release it.

Our old, soon to be deprecated API feeds the website Paper mentioned so you can expect to find the same data.

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@tadeo sure thank you will wait for the new API )

hi @tadeo can you please tell me is there is a new API ready for use

Hi @Sathya_Krishna! It’s finally here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

thank you !, this helps a lot)

I tested the API out , its great, but I could not find a function or api to give debt of the user , is there a way to get them?


You can look at vaults, in particular current state to get the balance, either collateral or principal (debt without fees).

Let me know if this helps and if it doesn’t send me a high level explanation of the use case and I’ll try to find the right endpoint.

Hi @tadeo we need an api to get user level information something like what this particular link provides

for example when we provide a particular address, we must be able to get all the vaults information of that user. thanks