SourceCred distribution for week ending June 6th, 2021

The weekly SourceCred payouts are here! A hosted instance of SourceCred running on the Maker forum can be found here.

For details on opting in, see Opting in to Sourcecred/Wth is SourceCred?.


To save on gas costs, which have escalated in recent months, the minimum balance to trigger an on-chain payout has been raised from 10 DAI to 20 DAI. H/t (and a little extra Cred) to @AstronautThis who brought up the idea here. To put this in perspective, this change would have saved ~$56 worth of ETH for last month’s distribution (payouts tx). This change will go into effect for the next on-chain distribution.

SourceCred has reached 100 contributors :100: :partying_face:

:warning: WARNING: :warning: Cred scores and payouts may see volatility in the coming weeks and months as we tweak the algorithm and payout parameters. We still have a lot of work to do before the system is optimized enough to “ossify”, producing predictable payouts.


This week $5,000 worth of DAI was distributed to 100 contributors. Navigate to the DAI Accounts tab of the Maker instance to see your current DAI balance and total DAI earned.

Cred Stats

Below is a chart showing total Cred created (a proxy for work).

Top Contributions

Below are the top 10 posts created last week, ranked by Cred generated.

Top Contributors

Below are the top 10 contributors last week, ranked by Cred generated.

Cred Contributor
223.1 PaperImperium
199.1 LongForWisdom
184.7 Primoz
179.5 SebVentures
124.3 prose11
118.2 Aaron-Bartsch
114.9 tmierzwa
110.6 AstronautThis
103.4 g-dip
102.2 hexonaut

If you have any questions or concerns about the scores, data or presentation thereof, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Wow what excellent news BEN :smirk: :rofl: hahahahahahahaha


He warned you in the last thread…


But in all seriousness thanks Seth :slight_smile: this is a great improvement and hopefully shows the value in engaging and asking questions in a respectful and inquisitive manner, kudos for making us better @AstronautThis.

Also really exciting to hear we’re up to 100 opted in users :tada: it’s been quite exciting to see such big attendance at G&R calls while getting so much cred generation in the forum. Correlation not equaling causation and all that jazz, but Maker has always believed that when you get the incentives right you get good results!


It might just be anecdotal evidence but I have been seeing a lot more high-quality comments coming in from new users. I think doubling rewards would onboard more of these kinds of users and encourage high-quality engagement.


Why not increase it progressively?

So that it gradually goes in line with the increase of contributors and creators of quality content?


There’s nothing wrong with slow and steady.


Anyone know if @Saludiego_201 has a nickname they don’t like? A real name I can mess with?

I’ve been pretty impressed. One potential variable in the context of SourceCred is that @Elihu has been reaching out to new contributors here and on r/makerdao who show promise and encouraging them to opt in. That filter may help a little.

This is the gwei. I’ve been hesitant to recommend increasing payouts too fast, as I think there’s risk in overpaying some contributors, which could increase gaming and potentially reduce the legitimacy of the system. We’re making good progress on a way to ‘boost’ certain types of activity that are currently arguably under rewarded. One that is up and running, I think we’ll have a good path to progressively increase payouts, with input from the community to keep it emergent and responsive.


I think we should all be doing this to grow the ecosystem and filter out the white noise.


:c oh no :c

thanks for your answer bro

His second last name is Mayorca if you call him Mazorca it’s funny. :sweat_smile:


Excellent seth thanks for clearing up these doubts

A man has no friends :broken_heart: :broken_heart: