Stats on the State of Maker

The purpose of this is to provide a weekly update on stats that reflect the state and growth of the Maker ecosystem.


Dai Price: $1.000511
Circulating Dai / Debt Ceiling / Utilization: 1,638,309,619 / 2,154,770,428 / 76.03%
Total Collateral (USD): $4,753,498,168


MKR Supply: 995,691
MKR Burned: 4,308
Annual Burn: 30,838


Opened Vaults: 20370


Total Votes - Executive (Now / Last month / % Change): 87 / 87 / 0%
Total Votes - Polls (Now / Last month / % Change): 424 / 388 / 9.27%
Number of Voters (Now / Last month / % Change): 1036 / 1036 / 0%
System Surplus / Surplus Buffer: 5,180,676 / 10,000,000

More Stats?

What other stats would you like to see?


Really cool rundown, thanks @seth! I’d be curious to know the number of “non-zero” vaults, i.e. vaults with some active DAI debt.

Other interesting growth metrics might be:

  • collateral types this month/last.
  • total MKR tokens in Governance
  • MIPs/Signal Requests proposed

Really like the idea of cataloguing these posts under a specific tag, so it would be really easy to go back and time and watch the growth happen through posts. Really neat info, thanks again for posting!


Great ideas for additional data points, and thank you, @seth. Thought experiment: would it be difficult to have a bot that tweeted these stats out bi-weekly or monthly (or at some other regular interval)?


hi @seth!

A weekly newsletter? That is nice but we are so ambitious that we need whole websites (insert smile)

Basic information can be found on sites such as daistats and makerburn. These largely cover monetary stats and collateral. Maybe no point in copying this.

There are however at least two aspects of Maker that could need a newsletter or even a whole site.

  1. Website covering all things Maker governance. Number of proposals, how many accounts voting, changes over time, disputed votes (if any), statistics of votes, etc etc + what was mentioned by @prose11 . If you are interested in governance you can combine this with research (ideal for a student) about what makes for functional online governance. In this way we in the community can have a dashboard for governance health.

Edit: writing this I totally forgot about mkrgov

  1. Ecosystem tracking. How effective is the Maker community in spreading Dai onto different platforms and add use cases. Here is one example of using Dai to pay for art. Track it, label it and put it up on a chart for all to see. In this way we can see how effective we are or if extra effort is needed in certain areas.

That are just two ideas, I am sure others have more. Plenty to do is this space in other words…


I like this.

Add how many vaults are 90-100% utilized along with 0-10% (just a number of them and perhaps a list with their DCs and utilizations).

A P/E calculated by taking all the vault DAI borrowed and multiplying them by the SF to get a total yearly earnings run and dividing it by the market cap of MKR. (so giving market cap of maker in $$, yearly revenue run in $$, subtracting projected yearly expenses, and then a P/E by dividing these).

Weekly volume of MKR traded on all exchanges (or at least a few key ones?!)
Amount of MKR in governance AND MKR in liquidity contracts.

I like seeing a governance report but I am not sure what to make of what I am seeing.
How many executives were there?
How many polls?
Then how many UNIQUE wallets voted on the executives and polls?
For all wallets that voted once what was their voting participation level (should be >0)
How many wallets didn’t vote at all?
Based on this was was the average wallet participation level (in total including 0’s, and only wallets > 0)?

Surplus buffer and surplus buffer change (i.e. previous month to current month). In fact in these numbers I’d like to see the previous month and current month.

Maybe in the DAI something like the overall average CR of the entire system? example using above numbers 4.753/1.638=290%CR

Average volume weighted price of MKR, and the avg price paid to buy/burn MKR. Also the total DAI spent doing this?

Oh and definitely add a vault liquidation report. How many vaults were liquidated. Total value, Gain to system. Loss to users. And then maybe take these numbers and make a % value relative to the total system value. So say 4.7M of assets were liquidated divide this by 4.75B under management for a .1% MKR collateral burn.

I probably will think about more. But I love this as a concept. Great job starting it.


One thing I disagree about is the above @Planet_X I get tired of having to go multiple places to find information. I like daistats and makerburn but they don’t give a complete picture and Maker itself doesn’t control what those sites display. I’d like to see a single place made for Maker, by Maker that is basically a complete operational dashboard for everything important to the Maker community controlled by the community.

A website - probably - a newsletter - like a weekly Maker update - definitely because these can be easier to digest.

I consider operational analytics and information to be key metrics to track, and honestly the more the better. When it comes to newsletters, summary reports are fine, links to complete or exhaustive ones better.


It shouldn’t be! I’m speaking with @twblack88 this week about that. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Thanks! I’ll work on incorporating these in the coming weeks.