SWAG Store - question about current status


not sure if it is right place but putting it here since it is somehow related to community development.

I remember @Davidutro saying on community call 2-3 months ago that it is under development, How it is going?

Here is actual mention:

TIL: swag store == merch store

@jernejml I do not understand ? what (and where) is merch store?

I was just clueless about what “SWAG Store” is.
I guess people attending conferences are familiar with the term.
(“Stuff We All Get”).

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We had someone working on the Merch store, which would accept Dai. Unfortunately, the person working on it left along with the completed work up until that point. So we have to start over. Kind-of unexpected, but whatever things happen.

If anyone in the community is interested in working with us on this store, I can put you in touch! Compensation obviously a part of that :slight_smile:

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What about setting up a shop on Shopify? It works with crypto through these payment providers

as stated at https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/payments/alternative-payments/cryptocurrency
and accepting payments with DAI must be on their roadmaps somewhere?

Let’s see what Coinbase answers here https://twitter.com/kwadrax/status/1165257432232267776 otherwise the Bizdev team should contact these parties :wink:

Sure, why not

I have experience in web development and in some dApps development too. Not full time, but i guess I can find 5-10 hours weekly to spare