Taken: A Governance Dashboard


We’re looking for someone to build out a governance dashboard that will provide the community a single location to view historical data related to voting and polling and to track overall engagement metrics in the system.


The dashboard should display:

  • Polls and Votes
  • Total stake weight per option per vote
  • Change in total stake over time for active polls/votes
  • Number of voters per vote
  • Number of voters per poll and per poll option
  • Change in voters over time
  • Gini coefficient of MKR over time
  • Time it took for an executive to pass
  • # of Votes that didn’t get ratified
  • Anything else of interest…

Code must be open sourced and permissively licensed


This script could be modified to gather data: https://github.com/banteg/maker-chief


If you feel you, or your team, is capable of handling this task: please feel free to ask questions in this thread, reach out to [email protected], or DM me in the chat @rich.brown.

Funding will be provided through the Grants Program framework.


The grants link (currently pointing at https://community-development.makerdao.com/grants ) says ‘Page Not Found’ when I go to it

Gitbooks is having some issues. Should work now.

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A team is now working on this project.