Taken: A website that displays the current values of each of the Maker Protocol System Parameters

Following on from a discussion in the official rocket chat, it was mentioned that we needed a good way to understand the current values of important system parameters (most recently, the FLOP auction parameters.) These are currently available on etherscan in one form or another, but it is difficult to find them as they are split across contracts.

The following features would be ideal:

  • A single page where all Maker Protocol System parameters can be displayed.
  • Parameters on the page are categorised by the contract in which they appear.
  • Single sentence explanations of what each parameter means (perhaps using the technical glossary)
  • Brief descriptions of what each contract is for (again perhaps linking or stealing text from the official technical docs.)

I have started doing a trusted version of this using bash, seth and cron publishing static html.

Would be happy to help anybody doing a trustless web3 dapp as thats more useful longterm.


There could be funding available for this.

We could also set up a bounty for accepted PRs to the daistats.com repo?


Ok have a basic working version of a param dashboard, updates around every 10 minutes.

Will add Vat and Spot ilks as time permits.



This link is not secured. This could lead to harmful phishing…

You should put all this information on Github and on MakerDAO repo.

A couple of people worked on this (thank you all that made things!)

For future reference, I believe https://catflip.co/ ended up being the most polished + feature rich.