Taken: Improve the Governance and Risk section of AwesomeMakerDAO


We are looking for someone to look over the Governance and Risk section in the Awesome MakerDao resource repository and add to it as many useful resources as possible.

Please submit a Pull Request to our Awesome MakerDao resource repository with any changes and additions you’ve come up with.


The section should include anything that is important and useful to the MKR voter. This includes:

  • Important forum threads
  • Foundation-produced resources
  • Links to important votes that occurred
  • etc…

Feel free to play around with the subheading structure of this section. This might include:

  • The addition of a “Key Votes” section
  • The addition of an “Important Forum Threads” section
  • etc…


  • Contact me, @Davidutro, with any questions. I am happy to advise on whether something makes sense or not.
  • Searching through old Governance Polls may help surface the most important resources.
  • Process-specific information is very important (Guidelines for signaling on the forums, for example.)


If you are interested in taking on this task feel free to go ahead and submit a PR. Please feel free to ask questions in this thread, reach out to me(@Davidutro) on Rockechat in the #community-development channel.

Work is compensated under our contributor framework, ask in the [#community-development channel] on Rocketchat for details!