Taken: Markdown Summaries of all Executive Votes


In order to support a new governance metrics dashboard that is being created by the community, we need to manually capture metadata that is not available onchain for all of the previous Executive votes.


Markdown files need to be created for every previous vote and should follow the format of the Stability Fee Adjustment files found in the community repo. They will eventually live in https://github.com/makerdao/community/tree/master/governance/votes

The data can be mined from blog.makerdao.com and mkr.tools.


If you feel you, or your team, is capable of handling this task please feel free to ask questions in this thread, reach out to [email protected]erdao.com, or DM me in the chat @rich.brown.

Funding will be provided through the Grants Program framework.

A community member is now working on this.

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