Taken: Reddit Moderator for r/MakerDAO

To anyone interested,

r/MakerDAO is in need of a quality moderator.

Details for the role and stipend can be found here.

Our community on Reddit has served as a place to discover and learn about the Maker Protocol for years now. It is still a place where many newcomers lurk to learn more information, ask questions, and share their own opinions and insights. A quality moderator that posts often, shares links to resources, is consistently present, and is mindful about the health of that subreddit would be a huge help and a great force in the community.

If you’re interested in this role and want to earn some extra Dai week to week reach out to me on rocketchat.

David U.


@RepoTactics is taking up the role!



Repotactics has taken a leave for personal reasons.

The position is open for the community again. Please DM me if you’re interested!!!

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aww on @RepoTactics I am watching this since I do participate in reddit via /r/ethtrader and could monitor r/MakerDAO to some extent but not sure I can commit to 1hr/day 5 days a week.

I will try to watch and if you want to just make /u/Eth_Man a moderator there I will do what I can when I can - someone else can decide whether to compensate me. I suggested we add /r/MakerDAO reddit to sourceCRED if possible.

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Added @mario | u/mariouy1986 as the new mod! :))

Future interested individuals
@jernejml | u//jernejml