The choice is clear: Vote or face backlog

Hey folks, I’m sorry to be sending out this call to vote for the second time in as many weeks, but it is truly that important.

The weekly exec still needs a good chunk of MKR to pass! Normally we wouldn’t be worrying too much about this on a Monday, but today the Monthly Governance Cycle MIP is slated to go up as well. Delays could cause that and this upcoming Friday’s executive to be delayed :sob:.

Plus, this exec is chalk full of important protocol changes like adding YFI-A to Liq 2.0 :ballot_box_with_check:, adding some burn :fire: to our increasing Surplus Buffer, and keeping our rates and debt ceilings competitive :trophy: so we can continue on the Road to 10B DAI :railway_track:.

And since they went over so well last time…

MKR Holders do your thing!



Let’s Gooooooo Maker Community–let’s make it happen!


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