The Official Welcome Thread

Thanks to Makerman’s thread, I’m starting up this welcome thread for our forum users. It’s important for us to get to know a little about each other as we work together to effectively manage MakerDAO.

Please use this thread to introduce yourself :slight_smile:

Things to potentially include:

  • How you were introduced to Maker
  • Where you’re geographically based out of
  • Background info on your personal, intellectual, professional, and academic interests
  • etc.

woo hoo. Very cool. Everyone is welcome!!

Rather not introduce myself by name at this point. Everyone can just call me MakerMan. :slight_smile:

  • How I was introduced to Maker. Tough one. I trade a lot of Ethereum and frequent reddit /r/ethtrader so I probably ran into Maker there.

  • geographically US.

  • Background - Long time freelance IT consult team lead on heavy iron (all forms of Unix BSD/SYSV variants) sysadm/system analyst specializing in restoring IT operations and process optimization. Education - physicist M.S. Solid State Theoretical Physics, Plasma Physics, Chemical Physics with a strong secondary background in EE (Both Analog and Digital with a focus on Digital), Human Machine Interface design and optimization, controls, both from a theoretical and practical standpoint.

  • Interests are far too numerous to list but run the full gamut from astrophysics, to nuclear and almost everything in between. Strong personal interest in poker, game theory, social dynamics, etc.

  • Why I am here. Because I think MakerDAO is probably the most interesting thing going on in the crypto space at this point as well as Ethereum and I have a desire to contribute in a positive way to this project. Given I have worked in a lot of business environments both as an owner and consultant I have a pretty strong financial background and interest in the DeFi space. Given my interests and fields of study are so diverse I consider myself to have a strong multidisciplinary background and can bring knowledge/studies from many fields to particular problems that most can’t.

  • Something you will learn from me because everyone who gets to know me knows they are my pet phrases when it comes to ‘proposals’. I will often ask.

    What is the goal? and
    By what method(s) will we measure the achievement (or failure) of that goal?

I find good answers to the above two questions to drive success or failure and realize quite often we have to try 1000 times and fail to succeed once. A friend put it a better way. To able to be the genius you have to be willing to be the fool.

Usually with high powered individuals there is a lot of ego and emotion. I continue to work to moderate this because negativity rarely creates a positive result practically as well as socially. :wink:


My name is David Utrobin, I’m uncannily public about my identity because I’ve long lost hope in maintaining my online privacy. I’m based in NY.

Some background: I graduated from Baruch College in 2016 with a BA in Corporate Communications. I had no idea what I wanted to professionally while I was in college, so I went for a general degree that I found interesting and useful.

I am fascinated by many topics, and am a total skeptic about most everything that falls into my lap. I self-study the things I am curious about, and have generally not believed too strongly in school being the main source of someones education. I’ve always been fascinated by computer science, communications, finance, mathematics, organizations, ethics, and probably most recently financial risk management(the list can really go on and on.)

I found out about MakerDAO in early 2017 after my buddy Andrew wouldn’t shutup about it. After months of his badgering, I finally read the whitepaper. I became wonderfully fascinated by MakerDAO and the potential it has. So, for the next couple of years, I hung out in the chat and Reddit community before being hired by the Maker Foundation to work on Community Development alongside Rich Brown.

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@MakerMan @Davidutro , Thanks for sharing this .

I found this site while creating a bot and looking on the web about cryptocurrency. This lead me to here, a lot of clicks i must say and a lot of curiosity about what you are doing.

geographically Canada

Trade all level, i can build a house from scratch by my own, mechanical knowledge and electrical to hydraulics.
Computer i can say advance level overall, overclocking , now starting to learn to code as much i can since it’s the race for crypto world.A little of administration and data

My Interest are very global . Artificial Intelligence, i have a lot of interest into this direction and also robotics, everything around these area related from close or far. VR are a big :tv: role i think in a futur that can be associated with AI and crypto if you have a open-mind, sports, 3D dev and mod, Video-Games… I think one of my favorite is theory and phylosophy. Antique and archeologie , symbols and language.

I think what you are doing is part of a contribution in a better-world and a major change that will lead to multiple beneficial situations or idea.

I introduce myself to you because you now represent a story to tell and if i can be part of it , I’m In !