The Official Welcome Thread

Thanks to Makerman’s thread, I’m starting up this welcome thread for our forum users. It’s important for us to get to know a little about each other as we work together to effectively manage MakerDAO.

Please use this thread to introduce yourself :slight_smile:

Things to potentially include:

  • How you were introduced to Maker
  • Where you’re geographically based out of
  • Background info on your personal, intellectual, professional, and academic interests
  • etc.

woo hoo. Very cool. Everyone is welcome!!

Rather not introduce myself by name at this point. Everyone can just call me MakerMan. :slight_smile:

  • How I was introduced to Maker. Tough one. I trade a lot of Ethereum and frequent reddit /r/ethtrader so I probably ran into Maker there.

  • geographically US.

  • Background - Long time freelance IT consult team lead on heavy iron (all forms of Unix BSD/SYSV variants) sysadm/system analyst specializing in restoring IT operations and process optimization. Education - physicist M.S. Solid State Theoretical Physics, Plasma Physics, Chemical Physics with a strong secondary background in EE (Both Analog and Digital with a focus on Digital), Human Machine Interface design and optimization, controls, both from a theoretical and practical standpoint.

  • Interests are far too numerous to list but run the full gamut from astrophysics, to nuclear and almost everything in between. Strong personal interest in poker, game theory, social dynamics, etc.

  • Why I am here. Because I think MakerDAO is probably the most interesting thing going on in the crypto space at this point as well as Ethereum and I have a desire to contribute in a positive way to this project. Given I have worked in a lot of business environments both as an owner and consultant I have a pretty strong financial background and interest in the DeFi space. Given my interests and fields of study are so diverse I consider myself to have a strong multidisciplinary background and can bring knowledge/studies from many fields to particular problems that most can’t.

  • Something you will learn from me because everyone who gets to know me knows they are my pet phrases when it comes to ‘proposals’. I will often ask.

    What is the goal? and
    By what method(s) will we measure the achievement (or failure) of that goal?

I find good answers to the above two questions to drive success or failure and realize quite often we have to try 1000 times and fail to succeed once. A friend put it a better way. To able to be the genius you have to be willing to be the fool.

Usually with high powered individuals there is a lot of ego and emotion. I continue to work to moderate this because negativity rarely creates a positive result practically as well as socially. :wink:


My name is David Utrobin, I’m uncannily public about my identity because I’ve long lost hope in maintaining my online privacy. I’m based in NY.

Some background: I graduated from Baruch College in 2016 with a BA in Corporate Communications. I had no idea what I wanted to professionally while I was in college, so I went for a general degree that I found interesting and useful.

I am fascinated by many topics, and am a total skeptic about most everything that falls into my lap. I self-study the things I am curious about, and have not believed too strongly in school being the main source of someones education. Although it is a very amazing resource for the students who take advantage. I’ve always been fascinated by computer science, communications, finance, mathematics, organizations, ethics, and most recently financial risk management(the list can really go on and on.)

I found out about MakerDAO in early 2017 after my buddy Andrew wouldn’t shutup about it. After months of his badgering, I finally read the whitepaper. I became fascinated by MakerDAO and the potential it has. So, for the next couple of years, I hung out in the chat and Reddit community before being hired by the Maker Foundation to work on Community Development alongside Rich Brown.

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@MakerMan @Davidutro , Thanks for sharing this .

I found this site while creating a bot and looking on the web about cryptocurrency. This lead me to here, a lot of clicks i must say and a lot of curiosity about what you are doing.

Geographically Located in Quebec, Montreal, Canada.

Trade all level, i can build a house from scratch by my own, mechanical knowledge and electrical to hydraulics.
Computer i can say advance level overall, overclocking , Now starting to learn to code as much i can since it’s the race for Crypto and the world of internet will explose sooner or later. Administration and data for Machine Learning, Network Security and many more.

My Interest are very global . Artificial Intelligence, i have a lot of interest into this direction and also robotics, everything around these area related from close or far. VR are a big :tv: role i think in a futur that can be associated with AI and crypto if you have a open-mind, sports, 3D dev and mod, Video-Games… I think one of my favorite is theory and phylosophy. Antique and archeologie , symbols and language.

I think what you are doing is part of a contribution in a better-world and a major change that will lead to multiple beneficial situations or idea.

I introduce myself to you because you now represent a story to tell and if i can be part of it , I’m In !


Hi everyone

My name is Adrien.

  • I’m based in Barcelona (Spain). Traveling often to France, Switzerland & Germany.
  • I was introduced to Maker in 2017, probably while reading frantically (what a time to enter the blockchain space) tbh I don’t remember. Maker was already standing out as one of the strongest projects out there
  • I’ve had the chance to be an analyst for a crypto VC which was quite enlightening. I saw and still see so many people & companies bleeding, the conclusion is inevitable: the crypto space needs stable coins more than ever.
  • I’ve done some consulting in the blockchain space & the pattern I observed in the B2B blockchain projects is the following: 1/ customers and partners do not want to use crypto unless it is vetted by reputable institutions 2/ don’t even think about proposing high volatility digital assets, at best they’ll use DAI/TUSD/USDC 3/ there is hope, things are slowly changing since many institutions have been involved in pilot projects for a few years now
  • I’m now involved in a blockchain for good project called ixo, we’re building a full blown on top of Cosmos in order to make all parties involved in the sustainability space to interact more efficiently & in new ways (read: better, cheaper, faster + some new business cases).
  • Finally I’ve been very involved in the DAO space lately. Namely DAOstack and a several DAOs running on it such as GenesisDAO (DAOstack mini-grant DAO), PolkaDAO (polkadot’s mini grant DAO) and FestDAO (a spin off of GenesisDAO, a mini-grant DAO for meetups).

@AdrienDLT Hi My friend,

Welcome to MakerDAO The Official Welcome Thread !

Have some time reading the guidelines and sneak around .

You will find nice stuff here guaranteed !!! :medal_sports: :alien: :beginner:

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@AdrienDLT , How do you find your time on here Sir.

I hope that you appreciate it.

If there is something we can make better for you, please give your feedback !

Have a great weekend sir !

Hello everyone.
I go by Silto on the internet, you can find my identity from this nickname pretty easily but honestly Silto is simpler.

I can’t remember exactly how I was introduced to Maker, I’ve been following the crypto space for years, so it was pretty logical that at some point I’d discover it. I also participated in a crypto project at the start of the bear market and did the cryptoeconomics of the stablecoin we envisioned for our system. We didn’t raise enough to meet our soft cap, reimbursed investors and closed the business. Now that I think about it I might have stumbled upon Maker while researching stablecoins at that time. My interest about it has grown since then and I think it has great potential.
I’m a small holder of MKR, I have some DAI in DSR, I have used Compound and voted a couple of times.

I’m from France, in Lyon to be precise. This is the point where I apologize for my english, I understand it perfectly but my sentences construction can get weird.

I’m a 28 years old electronics and IT engineer, I work as a freelance in web full stack dev, and am creating a web business on the side. I am more of a generalist than a specialist, even though 4 years of web dev has made me pretty good in Node/React/GraphQL stuff.
On the technological side I’m interested in security and cryptography, blockchain tech, and generally try to stay informed on tech (theoretical and innovation, not the startup ecosystem).

Outside of tech my main interests are economics, mainly monetary policy and development economics, with a focus on heterodox economics (main reads: Michael Hudson, Dani Rodrik, Erik Reinert, Steve Keen, David Graeber, Richard Werner, Ha-Joon Chang, …). I keep an eye on geopolitics, but I’m not remotely close to being an expert on that.
I trade a bit of BTC with low leverage/low expectations, I find the discipline and social aspects of it interesting.

The thing that triggered my registering here is that I wanted to post this: Thoughts about governance security and logic
I’ve posted a bit on the Maker Reddit, but I’d be happy to discuss here too.


Hi @silto,

Nice introduction ! Thanks for sharing with us !

Welcome On Board Captain !



as it is not hard to guess, my name is Adam Skrodzki. I’m from Poland, but currently stay on Malta. I’m computer programmer with ~12 years commercial experience.

I was introduced to Ethereum in late 2017 and was fascinated by the idea of worldwide public computer (that is how I understand Ethereum) and shortly after I’ve found out about MakerDAO and was quite intrigued by advancement of their develpment and community building, so I decided to learn more about it.


Hello @Adam_Skrodzki,

Thanks for your presentation and Welcome On Board! :beginner:



:wave: Hi, I’m stable! I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I learned about Maker through a friend who works at a crypto company here. At first I was skeptical that DAI would be able to hold the peg but as I kept checking to see if it had, I learned more and more about the project. Now I think it’s one of the most impressive inventions of the last decade and think this community is going to be the prototype for the most interesting teamwork of the next one.

I’ve definitely learned a lot about Finance as I’ve followed MKR/DAI and other crypto projects, but my primary interest is in online communities and the future of companies. I think MakerDAO is the most interested DAO today but I’m also excited about all of the DAO work happening with Aragon. I’m looking forward to learning more with y’all!


Hi everyone,

Pleased to find myself here and looking forward to learning more about this project and meeting community members. I am based in south-east Australia and havelegal background currently working in insurance disputes - far from the realm of decentralised finance. I find myself here on this forum as in the pursuit of what next to study I cannot shake this interest in crytocurrencies, stablecoins, blockchain, and the like.

My interests all stem from fascination with understanding the development, function, and regulation of society. This extends to how legal, financial, political, and technological systems operate to manifest and progessively evolve the global community we find ourselves in.

Otherwise I enjoy learning about the science of health, fitness, diet, and the like. I plan and track all of my exercise and nutrition in an attempt to optimise my health at the lowest cost possible. Many of my elder family members have early onset dementia and/or cancer, hence the desire to control what variables I can.



Hellooo! <3 I’m Leo Saraceno! I forgot to introduce myself on this tread earlier. I messed up anonymity on the internet a looong time ago like many others of my age, so you can call me Leo, Mitote or whatever you want really (btw Mitote comes from The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz).

Like @Davidutro someone named Andrew introduced me to ethereum in September 2017 and I found Maker that November on reddit. I started really trying to learn the protocol around the start of SCD. I definitely did alot more lurking than participating, it took awhile to feel confident enough in the system dynamics. I’m here because its more compelling than what I see elsewhere. My development lead me to hate (I’m learning the power of love) aspects of civilization and society.

I guess that I am at least a little younger than all of you, so I don’t have a ton of relevant professional experience and kinda just wing these intellectual/academicy things cause I’m curious. My main interests and goals evolve around ecology, biology, biochemistry (increasingly the electric potentials in biology, so bio-physical-chemistry?idk), but everything is really f*cking interesting and I am so very novice in all of it. I also read about economics, history/sociology, physics, behavioral stuff, cosmology. I have a love hate relationship with science/logic, so I got some other stuff going on to get out of that mode.

Oh I live in the US, briefly went to university, but thought it was silly. I got paid for work on the collateral application process, but that’s the extent of my involvement with the foundation.


Welcome @Mitote

:grin: :grin: :grin: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It was about time !


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Good evening!

Hi, my name is Dawson. I’m a software developer and traveler. I’ve been traveling continuously for 3-4 years, but I’m settling down now and plan to stay in one place for a couple years. I’ll keep my location private for now because these things make me paranoid, but I’m looking forward to the extra time this will afford me to get involved in Maker.

I found out about Maker two 2 years ago in Tokyo where I met a member of the team (but don’t recall the name). I didn’t understand it at the time but I grasp it much better now. I appreciate Maker as a tool for taking decentralized leverage. I think this will (and is) being used to build interesting financial products that will lead to not only a stable Dai, but a (relatively) stable Eth.

As a software developer I write a lot of Typescript (aka strongly typed Javascript), Python and Golang. I also have a strong interest in web security and a hobby interest in economics.



Hi @dawson and welcome to the community. As a software developer you are possibly aware of this page

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