Thoughts on why MKR is getting Massacred?

Granted, it’s been a bloodbath for all cryptos but MKR’s been hit particularly hard, down 18% in last 24 hrs and down 33% since Nov 18. Has anything gone particularly wrong with the migration? Why the mass selling? routerlogin

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Neh, just crypto market getting wild (as it naturally is), the ones with MKR knows what is the price and where is it going :smiley:


Very true, MKR is a good store of value, you have to keep an eye on the long term. :cowboy_hat_face:

? You know MKR was sideways at $400-500 for so long before. The current price is much higher.

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+28% in last 7 days. And it was up +11% in the last 24 hrs when you made this post.