Tracking Core Unit Costs

As costs of Core Units becomes a more substantial part of the protocol’s net income I would love to be able to track the total costs of each Core Unit. It is my understanding that each Core Unit will have one or more Multi-Sigs where approved budgeted funds are deposited. In MIP 47 there is mentioned an active registry of approved Multi-Sigs. Such a registry would be a great start to track the costs of the Core Units, but is this register available for anyone to see?


This spreadsheet will be soon updated with more recent data. But most of the MKR compensation is still under discussion so hard to forecast.

I also maintain a SQL query and a dashboard that use the wallet info (btw must be updated with SC multisig)


Thanks @SebVentures ! I have seen both the budget simulator and the Dune Analytics dashboard before but noted that there was almost no expenses in 2021 in the dashboard. Is that because of the SC Multisig update you mention and will the dashboard reflect the costs of the Core Units in the future?

It is beginning in April as you can see in the screenshot. But those are mainly not really expenses but transfert to MakerDAO owned wallets (that are not in the list yet, that’s why it is seen as an expense). The first 3 core units have started in April and I didn’t pay most of my staff yet.

It’s only the beginning of the expenses and we are making a lot of revenues.


Ah, thanks, that’s helpfull! So when these wallets are added to the list the dashboard will not show any expense before DAI is withdrawn from the wallets (e.g when staff is paid)?

Yes, as Governance can take the money back at any time in those wallets (well with a 2 day delay that leave enough time to move the money away but still).

Actually not sure how to clearly define the multisig ownership. It shouldn’t be much anyway.

Thanks for the info! :slight_smile: